Welcome to Teemu Kanstrén's homepage.

Teemu Kanstren

I work as a senior researcher at VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) in Oulu, Finland. Past years I have also been a visiting postdoctoral fellow (2012-2014) at the University of Toronto, at the Software Engineering Group in Canada, and a visiting research at the Software Engineering Group at the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands (2008-2010).

A more or less updated list of my publications is here. A short resume/cv can be found here.

You can reach me with email at firstname@lastname.net. Just replace the names with my real names.

My work related interests include doing applied research and development with industry, aiming to produce concrete and useful results from state-of-the-art research. I have extensive experience in various areas of Software Engineering, Test Automation, Security Assurance, and more. These days my interest/work is mostly focused on Data Analytics. Using various data sources and generation methods such as automated test environments, distributed monitoring, cloud services, and sensor networks to provide the input data. Using this to support features such as performance analytics, search engines, visualizations, etc. As a recent contibution in the area, I have worked as the lead architect and engineer on building the test/analytics architecture for the finnish 5G test network.

My Github page lists some of the software I have worked on and released as open source.

After spending 2 years in Toronto, I am interested in job opportunities in the area, so Toronto, New York, etc.. If you got the perfect opening, what are we waiting for... :)